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Make it easy for parents to keep your school updated.

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How It Works

TextYourSchool makes it easier for parents and school secretaries to get important messages from home.

They send a message.
You get to it when you can.

Our system simplifies the messages you get from parents every day.

A more efficient system will make your school office more efficient and less hectic - allowing you to get more done and be happier with your work.

  • Automatic Translation into English from over 100 languages.
  • No more trying to figure out what people actually said.
  • More convenient for your parents.
  • Better tracking and record keeping.

Let technology make your school communications better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered below, please send us an email!

  • When you purchase a TextYourSchool subscription, we provide you with a unique phone number that you will use just for this service. Any text sent to that number is forwarded to your email.

  • In addition to the English translated text, the message sent to you includes the original message, the date, and the phone number that sent the message.

  • Parents should probably text your the same information they would leave in a voicemail. So if their child is sick they probably want to leave their name, child's name, the teacher, and let you know the child will not be at school. We have an example flyer you can use to send your parents to explain the new service to them and what information they should text you.

  • When parents send a text message they get a short reply that says their message has been sent to the school office. This can be customized for your school.

  • There are no messaging fees for the school - those are all included in your subscription plan. Parents who text you have their own phone plans that may have standard texting fees.

  • Although absences are the most common reason parents call a school office, parents send schools all kinds of information through TextYourSchool!

  • TextYourSchool only processes plain text messages. Picture messages are not processed.

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